Seeding Systems

Rich Valley Contracting typically uses three seeding systems.

Broadcast & Harrow

  • Normally the site to be seeded is pre-harrowed to lightly work the area in preparation for seeding.

  • Next the area has seed broadcasted over it at an even rate using a specialized seed broadcaster

  • Often but not always, after seeding, a pass of evenly spread fertalizer is applied to the seeded area. This fertilizer is usually a high phosphorus slow release blend designed to promote root development once the seed has germinated.

  • Finally the seeded area receives a “Post-Seeding” harrowing to cover the seed with dirt (and fertilizer if applied) to form a smooth seed bed in which germination and growth will take place.


Drill Seeding

  • For drill seeding the seed is put into the soil by use of a mechanical seed drill designed specially for grass seed and native seed blends.

  • Typically prior to drill seeding the site receives a Pre-Seeding harrowing to prepare the area for seeding.

  • Once the area is ready the seed drill drills the seed into the ground at the desired rate and depth for best results. The drill forms the seed bed, places the seed then covers and packs the seed in one pass.



  • Hydroseeding provides the best results over the other seeding systems. This is due to the fact that the seed can be evenly spread and by using mulches and tackifier is held in place giving superior results.

  • Most often prior to hydroseeding, the area should be likely worked or harrowed same as the other systems.

  • Once the hydro mulch is applied to the prepared area it forms a crust to prevent wind and water erosion.

  • Rich phosphorus fertilizer is normally mixed in with the mulch to provide the roots with nutrients once the seed germinates.

  • No post-harrowing is required.

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